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ESL One New York Day One: Vega Squadron 2-0 Evil Geniuses! 04.10.2015 Author // theDabca

RUVega Squadron defeat the World Champions USEvil Geniuses! A 2-0 victory puts us into the Semi-Finals and perhaps an invite to the Fall Major?

ESL One New York Day Zero 02.10.2015 Author // theDabca

As we approach ESL One New York 2015, it is time to take a look ahead. The teams have finally arrived in New York, ahead of fast approaching Hurricane Joaquin. Time to turn on the lights, set up the cameras, and watch as eight of the best Dota 2 teams compete for their share of $250,000.

ESL One New York Brackets Announced! 26.09.2015 Author // theDabca

Brackets for live for ESL One New York 2015! RUVega Squadron will be facing off against USEvil Geniuses in the first round of the single-elimination tournament!

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The Push to Qualify for ESL One New York 2015 09.09.2015 Author // theDabca

The push to qualify for ESL One New York started shortly after the post-TI5 shuffle began. While other teams were dropping rosters and making new additions, Vega Squadron decided to stay together and tough it out. And because of this, we were victorious!