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Zanzarah got his Sejuani and 1:1 returns 15.07.2017 Author // Ace

On LCL week 3 Vega Squadron had their matches agains Na'Vi and ROX, both with Nomanz on mid.


Vega – ROX

Vega: Rumble (NoNholy), Rek’Sai (Zanzarah), Corki (Nomanz), Kalista (Optimas), Braum (dELORD)
ROX: Jax (Bwipo), Elise (DimaJke), Kassadin (Ripi), Ashe (Kinzu), Tahm Kench (Saviour)

On map one Vega got hands on great bottom lane setup, but had to pick a mediocre hero for NoNholy against a stronger opponent. Despite the fact "sharks" baited the opponent jungler's flash, it was him to make 2 most important moves around the map. He ganked Rumble without flash and then made it with it.

After getting a kill and assist, Jax got out of control. Even when he was under 4 "sharks" heroes, he still killed their ADC. "Squadron" didn't make any great advantage from botlane, so ROX took what's theirs by right.


Vega – Na’Vi

Vega: Gnar (Nonholy), Sejuani (Zanzarah), Cokri (Nomanz), Kalista (Optimas), Alistar (dELORD)
Na’Vi: Jax (Zvene), Warwick (DoubleAim), Orianna (Piter Pokir), Varus (aMiracle), Braum (Skash)

Next game we've seen Zanzarah on his signature Sejuani for the first time in LCL and he made it quick. On minute 5 he got a double kill on a midlaner and a jungler. Considering, that all the other lanes were not in Na'Vi favor, it was over at this point.

Zanza was running around the map killing everything he saw. Vega didn't make a "flawless victory" and fed 3 kills, but it was a stomp nonetheless.