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«The well-known path». Road to Krakov 16.08.2018 Author // Konservator

It's harder to display the best performance on tournaments that bring bad memories. Second Major event for "sharks" was situated in Krakov and it's history is really close to what happened a half a year earlier in Atlanta.

NiP, CLG, Immortals, EnVyUs, 16:2. These memories don't just lie there still. You have to think about how you can improve and move on. "Better luck next time" they say, but only you can make the next time happen.

May 16, 2017. Five Vega Squadron players are ready to make a step forward and leave team ALL-IN behind. Failure in Atlanta didn't affect guys' courage.

Second Minor qualifiers began with a match against CIS mix called Nova. The team didn't face much trouble and finished it in two maps. This was also about the time Vega began picking Mirage more. Dust 2 that's been successful for Vega Squadron is already gone while Cobblestone wasn't really a thing even in a lost match against Spartak Esports - "coble" was traditionally banned in the first round.

After recovery, "sharks" had to face Nova again and one mistake could be worth a chance of going to the Minor. Team changed Cache for Train and repeated the score once more. But guys couldn't be happy about their gameplay - with such a number of misplays they could leave the qualifiers any time.

Minor groupstage 2 weeks later left a positive impression. Guys got rid of many flaws and showed the remaining ones in series against Tengri - the best Khazakhstan team. The position was quite favorable as the team usually played on Mirage, Nuke and Cache with Overpass only appearing once.

In the second play-off round Tengri gave a good fight once more, and even won. Another victory over pro100 gave us some courage to move on and play Train with Inferno - maps that neither Vega nor Tengri ever used. Both teams already had their invites to the Major qualifiers, but in a fight for the Champions title and the cup "sharks" took what was theirs.



Swiss system of the qualifiers began with a defeat from HellRaisers, but later team displayed much more stability on Inferno and Train. At some point in time Vega Squadron faced some unstable rosters with high individual skills.

OpTic and TyLoo gave us a 2:1 score, but then guys met PENTA - a sensation of a team left several solid teams behind already and only lost to mousesports that just recruited a talented player ropz. The last step was a victory over a no-so-famous Danish squad Team Dignitas - fox and RUBINO had to skip Major once more while Vega Squadron are making it through.

A burst of progress adds a bit of hush and excitement - in January team has already gotten a couple important lessons on how to not fall apart in the right moment. Unfortunately, it only helped in the qualifiers - Virtus.Pro crushed our strategy on Cache with ease and Immortals displayed decent performance on Train with kNgV and felps. "Sharks" were losing both during draft and in the game.

The decisive match against PENTA was like a game of giveaway - a bad start on Mirage as attack was a reminder of what the European team has done two weeks earlier. 14 and 16 were the last numbers Vega Squadron players saw on their monitors.

We have a couple more stories for you and we'll tell them to you inbefore FACEIT Major: London 2018. Recall the road of oru team to their first international tournament in Atlanta, and also don't forget to subscribe to our social media in order to see more memorable moments using the hashtag #LondonSharks: