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Welcome to the vega-squadron.com! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Finally after long time, long hour project, we are here, with fully operating e-sport website, and we are lunching this website today, which will be main quarters of Vega Squadron organization from now on. Thanks for your patience as we had some downtime giving the website functional and fully operational facelift. I would like to introduce you to the new Vega site! Presenting a cleaner interface which is easier to navigate – the new site will provide all the latest news, upcoming events and past highlights for Vega Squadron.

Here’s what we wanted to accomplish with this site:

Performance: Fast and well working website. We were wocusing on a simplistic design that was performanced focused.
Culture: Vega Squadron is a unique organization, like every other team on market. We have one of the most unique mission statements in all of esports and it just made sense for us to put that front and center of the new site.
Community: We wanted the site to have a community and historic feel which was accomplished through the black and blue pictures and colours in the background. We wanted our users to recognize that something was different about Vega while loading in.
Discovery: The purpose of the new homepage should accomplish two things: Allow or fans and community to learn about our organization, players and community and also bring those people into the community through content and a intuitive design that shares our application process.
Keep it Simple: We can always add new features to the site, but what is the minimum that we could launch with? We asked ourselves the important question. “Why” to every page and image so we made sure there wasn’t any unnecessary stuff detrimental to the user experience.

The site is still currently under development – if you do spot anything out of place, let us know!

Thanks to IVGrafix for making this possible!
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