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Welcome our new League of Legends roster! 08.06.2018 Author // Konservator

We are ready to announce our new League of Legends roster that will take part in LCL open Cup and in LCL Summer Split 2018.

The era is not yet over - Alexander "NoNholy" Ovchinnikov will face the upcoming split as a part of Vega Squadron. He will be presenting "sharks" on toplane, as he has been since 2015.

Nikita "Punisher" Lavrinov leaves our jungle and passes it to Lukas "Warden" Lenikas - Lithaunian player and an ex-teammate of Rolandas "Optimas" Vincalovičius.

And the final update in the roster will be Alexey "Phlaty" Lemeshchuk - the bronze winner of LCL Spring Split as a part of Team Just. He will be our midlaner.

Dimitry «Invi» Protasov, team coach:

«I am glad to welcome our two new players.

Phlaty is a midlaner who showed himself during the Spring Split and had a burst in skill for the last half a year. We'll do our best to help Alexey progress further.

We also tried 10 CIS and Europe players for the jungler role, but eventually we decided to go with Rolandas' ex-teammate - Warden. During scrims we found out that he's mechanically skilled as well as very positive and hard-working. I think he's really a valuable agent in our region.

I'm also glad to announce that NoNholy decided to extend his contract once more and stay with the team. Alexander is an important link in the team. Despite his young age, he's already a competitive scene veteran».

Georgy «drAmer» Faleev, Vega Squadron sports director:

«We've been working on the training process for more than a month now and tried tens of agents. I'm sure that these 5 players under Dimitry's direction will be able to fight for the highest positions in the LCL. It's not going to be a walk in the part, though.

Phlaty and Warden, welcome to the pack! skash and Optimas - I'm glad our partnership continues. Vega for the win»!

Vega Squadron League of Legends roster:

  • Alexander «NoNholy» Ovchinnikov | Topl
  • Lukas «Warden» Lenikas | Jungle
  • Alexey «Phlaty» Lemeshchuk | Mid
  • Rolandas «Optimas» Vincalovičius | ADC
  • Artour «skash» Yermolaev | Саппорт


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