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Welcome Mag and Solo! 25.04.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

The moment has come, we are glad to announce our complete Dota 2 roster!

These two players are famous and recognizable all around the world, not only in CIS! Warm welcome to RUAlexey "Solo" Berezin and UAAndrey "Mag" Chipenko! Sadly RUArsZeeqq is leaving us, due to lineup changes.

This decision cannot be called spontaneous because Mag has been playing with us for the whole month already! And with Solo joining, our team finally got the synergy it lacked and already displayed great results by winning the prestigious tournament - Hitbox EU Championship #2!

Alexander "OneLuckyDay" Kazannikov's (Vega.Dota2 Manager) comment on this:
"We hope that with two new skilled players our team is going to be even stronger! They had some time to play together and now the team is training hard to achieve great results at future tournaments! I am sure we're going to succeed!"

Alexey "Solo" Berezin's comment on this:
"I am very glad to join this young and promising Vega.Dota2 team. We already found common ground and I like the atmosphere inside the team. I'm going to do my best to please the fans with new achievements and victories in the nearest future ;)."

Andrey "Mag" Chipenko's comment on this:
"Hi everyone! I am also very glad to join Vega Squadron. A lot of hard work awaits us ahead if we want to reach our aims! I will try hard together with others and hope we'll soon be able to gladden you with victories and achievements!"

Vega Squadon Dota2 roster:

UASemen "CeMaTheSlayer" Krivulya
RUPavel "9pashaebashu" Khvastunov
UAVladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko
UAAndrey "Mag" Chipenko
RUAlexey "Solo" Berezin