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WCA Europe Qualifiers: Virtus.pro and Secret Win Semi-Finals 24.09.2015 Author // theDabca

The second day of the WCA European Qualifier is over and RUVirtus.pro and EUTeam Secret have moved into the Grand Finals. Tomorrow SEAlliance and SENinjas in Pyjamas will battle for third place just before RUVP and EUSecret battle for first.

RUVP took the first series 2-0, while EUSecret took the second series 2-1. Both of these teams are extremely confident in their captains and their drafts and have shown incredible play with exceptionally few mistakes, there is little question why these two teams have moved into the Grand Finals.

RUVP is showing why they were the highest placed European team at TI5 and took down SENIP in steady fashion, with Illidan playing his favorite heroes Silencer and Anti-Mage and DkPhobos playing Dark Seer both games.

EUSecret had a rough start to the series against SEAlliance, losing the first game in the ultra-late game, w33haa playing Meepo and AdmiralBulldog on Broodmother. The curious part of the first game was s4 playing Tidehunter and a seemingly shaky Crystal Maiden pick against Meepo. These two heroes ended up winning the game for Alliance after s4 had double-ravage and Akke had BKB and Lotus Orb.

The second and third games were won by EUSecret, EternalEnVy on Spectre and Ember Spirit and w33haa on Lina and Windranger. AdmiralBulldog played some exceptional Dota on Earthshaker and an extremely rare Doom. Unfortunately the broken Windranger Shackle spelled the end for him and Alliance in the third and final match between these two talented teams.

Make sure to tune-in to the WCA Europe twitch stream tomorrow at 17:00 CEST for the third-place match and then at 20:00 CEST for the Grand Finals of the European Qualifiers. The top two teams, EUSecret and RUVP, who already have a spot at the LAN Finals in China this December, as well as SEAlliance and SENIP will be fighting over their share of an $80,000 prize pool just for the Qualifiers!

Remember to keep an eye on the rest of RUVega Squadron’s season beginning with the Nanyang Qualifiers on September 24 and followed quickly by the LAN Finals of ESL One NY 2015 at Madison Square Garden October 3-4!