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WCA Europe Qualifiers: Team Secret Takes Down Virtus.pro 2-0 25.09.2015 Author // theDabca

WCA European Qualifiers is over and after the dust settled only EUTeam Secret was left standing! RUVirtus.pro went home with a silver medal and SENinjas in Pyjamas took their third share of the qualifier purse.

SEAlliance and SENIP battled first for third place and SENIP took the series 2-0. EUSecret and RUVP were the second match of the day and EUSecret took the series 2-0.

EUSecret had some absolutely insane drafting and such a versatile lineup, drafting a core Naga Siren with a Crystal Maiden and Venomancer supporting, Magnus offlane, and a Windranger in the mid-lane for the first game and baiting picks from RUVP in the second game's draft after taking Naga Siren and Crystal Maiden in the first round. RUVP had a more traditional and predictable RUVP draft, picking up Silencer and Anti-mage for Illidan and Shadow Fiend and Lina for God. EUSecret made RUVP look like an amateur team, and it didn’t have anything to do with RUVP playing or drafting worse than usual, and dont get me wrong RUVP is still a Top-3 European team. Give all of the credit for this insane play to the time EUSecret has spent practicing for this tournament, their first as a team, and for the experience and genius of Puppey mixed in with a little W33haa.

SENIP 2-0 SEAlliance, and I have to give it to SEAlliance for showing up without Loda or even a replacement carry. Admiralbulldog took the 1 position for himself, playing Anti-Mage and Bloodseeker, and solen taking the 3/4 role. SENIP played great around Era’s Juggernaut and Tiny, with Handsken and jonassomfan showing off their Ogre Magi and Axe play.

Good luck to RUVirtus.Pro and EUTeam Secret as they will be meeting the rest of the teams from around the world that qualified for the WCA 2015 LAN Finals in China this coming December!

Also remember to follow the rest of RUVega Squadron’s Dota 2 season after dropping into the Losers’ Bracket of the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships where we will play RUTeam Empire on September 26 and then on to ESL One NY 2015 October 3-4!