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«VP can only lose to EG», - ESL One Genting in Twitter 09.01.2017 Author // Ace

Official "sharks" website gathered the most interesting posts from Twitter about the last day of the first Dota 2 LAN tournament this year.


Due technical issues match between Virtus.Pro and DC began with a delay and players had to use their pub names and Resolut1on's one was DC.Bulba, so there were many jokes about it.

Adekvat: Bulba is good, waiting for the second map.
Cybersport: It's even weird he got kicked from Liquid.
Adekvat: He wasn't kicked, he left. The team was too weak!


Technical issues go on:

Adekvat: Bravo, ESL! Game begins without DotaTV and no casters on our side. NEXT LVL.
Casper: I thought only China and CIS had such a problem!



But all the issues were overshadowed by w33ha's Invoker build.


Dota in a nutshell.


Virtus Pro lost to DC in 2 maps and it brought up a lot of speculation by players and casters. Not everyone liked "bears" confidence.


7ckgmad и Capitalist joined the conversation.



Maelstorm: Resolution - Battle Cry: kicks out every CIS player from the tournament and becomes CIS only hope.


Newbee looked very confident in the beginning of the series.


But on the second map Resolut1on won with Naga Siren with GPM over 1000. OG players were watching closely.


In the 5th map DC managed to take over Newbee. SUNSfan is glad to get the first title for his organization and NewBee are a bit upset about losing 2 Grand Finals in a row.


A bit Photoshop by ESL One:


This warning might have saved a couple lives.


RAMZES666 increased his SEA fanbase N times by one single tweet:


Moscow casters are having their own atmosphere:
Maelstorm: I don't know what I like more - DC winning or 4ce being late for his train! Ah, whatever, we all know it's second one.
Guber Maria: Remember falling on Techlabs? Nikita was happy.
Adekvat: 1-1 :)


And finally:
Adekvat: here comes a spoon of tar!
1. 5th map was awful
2. Xiao8 leaves LGD
3. Next LAN is in 4 days!
You gotta live with it now!