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Vega.CS:GO: transfer window 02.03.2019 Author // Ace

Shortly before Major 4 out of 5 Vega Squadron signed long-terms contracts with Vega Squadron. After CS:GO IEM Katowice Vega Squadron had a break just as chopper left the team and a serious reshuffle on CIS scene occured.

So Vega Squadron is ready to hear transfer offers regarding every player in the team in the nearest future, and the players can also decide their own future. The orgnanization, in their turn, will seek for options to improve the current roster.

It's worth noticing that the management is still counting on every player from our current roster.

We're hoping that soon we will be able to see our roster in online battles and LAN's again.

Current Vega Squadron CS:GO roster

Dmitriy «jR» Chervak
Pavel «hutji» Lashkov
Anton «tonyblack» Kolesnikov
Igor «crush» Shevchenko

Artem «Fierce» Ivanov (тренер)