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Vega.CS:GO roster changes 11.11.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

After a month and a half, Vega Squadron Counter Strike roster is getting changed. Team's manager, Nikolay «Deca» Vesnin is here to comment on this:


«A month and a half ago hutji had to leav our team due to his unstable internet. Right after that norison left our squad for his personal reasons. They were replaced by Nikolay "latro" Lee and Alexander "lamp" Novyi, but the team couldn't find the right synergy with them.

This is why we decided to bring Pavel "hutji" Lashkov back into the team and take Andrey "treaNt" Golubev for the probation period of one month. TreaNt used to play for a team called WEPLAY. According to the team and it's coach, he's a skilled player with huge potential, so the team will be able to fit into the team and get along with everyone».


Hence, jR, keshandr, Mir, hutji and treaNt will be fighting shoulder to shoulder on the CIS rising LAN tournament in November, 17.