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Vega.CS:GO about pressure on China Top and plans for the end of this year 28.11.2017 Author // Konservator

We asked our players about their feelings during China Top Shenzhen and also found out what they were going to do till the end of 2017.

— What was the condition of the team after defeat from TyLoo? Did you realize it would be much harder than playing against Vici last season?

Alexander «Lk-» Lemeshev, manager:
— We didn't pay much attention to this defeat and started playing from the "blank page" in lower brackets. The next day was a day-off - we had time to sleep, go out, enjoy our time and came back to play against Flash Gaming without any extra thoughts in our heads.

— In a rematch against TyLoo you won 3 overtimes. Did you feel the pressure in communication?

Dmitry «jR» Chervak:
— There was pressure. It was the worst on Inferno when we let the scores get even after 15-8 in our favor. On Mirage after 2-13 we just kept on thinking we could come back this game.



— Even this season on China Top you played 3 AK + 2 Mac-10 buys on Inferno. Who's the "author" of that strategy and what it is about?

Leonid «chopper» Vishnyakov:
— It's jR's strategy. It's all about making opponents get used to different moves - for example on Inferno you don't have to play "banana" every round giving your opponent a chance not to throw HE. When you realize the opponent has bad economy and you haven't played "banana" - that's when you surprise him with 2 mac on +B and 3 AK.

— In the finals you took revenge from AGO for all the previous defeats. What didn't let the Polish team find their gameplay after comeback from 12:1 on Train.

финале вы поквитались с AGO за последние поражения. Что команде помешало настроиться после камбэка поляков со счета 12:1 на Train?

Artem «Fierce» Ivanov, coach:
— 12:1 score is mostly about luck, not our incredible domination. Despite the gap in maps the rounds have been close. The situtation could be completely different - this is why we didn't have cash for full buy after one (!!!) lost round that followed after a combo of 7.

In the 15th round we didn't push with UMP's right, in pistol round we crashed on their defense, then we had a couple unfortunately forces and buys - and suddenly the scores are 12:11. By this time we realized they're playing around far positions on A point and found an answer. Definetely some entry-frags did their job in a couple rounds, you shouldn't also forget an important save from copper 1x2 and a "fat" point in the match in the 1v3 clutch with jR.



— What are the plans for now, will there be any more bootcamps this year?

Alexander «Lk-» Lemeshev, manager:
— Next week we are gathering together again in order to take part in a tournament that will be announced soon. Bootcamp is highly unlikely, we'll probably be getting ready for the upcoming majors from our homes and will then get together next year to polish the blanks and take a trip to Atlanta together.

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