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Vega wrest a victory from Effect 11.05.2017 Author // Ace

Right after leaving The Summit 7 Vega Squadron have been playing their lower bracket matches on Epicenter against Effect.


First map picks:
Vega: Troll Warlord (Alohadnace), Storm Spirit (G), Legion Commander (Afterlife), Earthshaker (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Silent)
Effect: Lycan (Sedoy), Ember Spirit (Afoninje), Magnus (Shachlo), Tusk (Rodger), Warlock (ArsZeeqq)

Map one began for Vega without any break from bo3 series agaisnt Na'Vi so "sharks" heroes were dying here and there even though they farmed better. At some point Effect were leading 2:10, got control over the map, but one successful smoke saved the day for Vega.

Vega had great catch potential in face of LC and Storm Spirit. These heroes, empowered by Troll, managed to wrest a map.


Second map picks:
Vega: Terrorblade (Alohadnace), Storm Spirit (G), Nyx (Afterlife), Pudge (CeMa), Dazzle (Silent)
Effect: Faceless Void (Sedoy), Shadow Fiend (Afoninje), Enigma (Shachlo), Clockwerk (Rodger), Phoenix (ArsZeeqq)

On the second map Effect let Vega play with their signature Terroblade. Effect were losing at first, but then took a couple good fights and even detroyed 2 sets of barracks.

After such a cold shower "squadron" woke up and started playing. "Sharks" were picking off the opponents here and there and were then coming back to their base. Such sneaky maneuvers brought them some net worth and experience lead and it all came down to one fight that Effect lost together with the series.

2:0 – next Vega's round is going to be against Singularity.