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Vega won CIS Minor Krakow 11.06.2017 Author // Ace

In the final match in a fight for $30,000 and champions title Vega Squadron faced Tengri

Saturday defeat only encouraged Vega for a new fight. Blue-shirted guys were not satisfied with just an invite to PGL Minor qualifiers. "Sharks" captain promised to surprise the opponent and it did work out. Vega didn't pick Cache, they went for Train instead. Vega knew how to play the map and, as it turned out, Khazakhstan team didn't. Only 8 rounds on this map could be considered a failure for a team of Tengri's level.

Second map was Inferno that Vega doens't really feel very confident at but rarely gives away without fight. Vega began as defense, started off great but then threw a couple rounds and lost 6:9 as the strong side. After a swap we found out that it's only considered strong, "sharks" attack put Tengri in a troublesome situation, they looked lost and had to accept defeat, so Vega Squadron were the ones to raise the Minor Cup high above their heads twice in a row.