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Vega will take part in Binary Dragons Csgopolygon Season 1 18.03.2017 Author // Ace

The closest tournament for Vega Squadron CS:GO roster to take part in has been announced. It's gonna be Binary Dragons Csgopolygon Season 1. There will be 16 teams participating including the top-20 teams from HLTV like Kinguin, FlipSid3 and GODSENT. The prize pool of the tournament is $20,000.

So far only 10 participants have been announced. 2 more wil be defined at the end of Binary Dragons Cup. 2 teams will be invited directly and 2 more will qualify later. The complete list of known participants may be found below.

Binary Dragons Csgopolygon Season 1 begins in March, 25th and will last up till April 2nd. Teams will be divided in 4 groups. 2 best squads from each group will advance to Single Elimination brackets to define the winner that will get $12,000 and the silver prize taker that will be awarded with $5,000.