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Vega will keep fighting for DAC invite in lower brackets 11.02.2017 Author // Ace

In the first match of DAC EU qualifiers Vega Squadron faced Team Effect.


First map picks:
Vega: Weaver (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Axe (Mag), Ogre Magi (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Effect: Luna (Sedoy), Silencer (Afoninje), Centaur Warrunner (Shachlo), Sven (RodjER), Bane (ArsZeeqq)

On the first map Vega had serious advantage on lanes with trilanes fighting against each other. "Sharks" were leading 3:0, Afoninje had a lot of trouble on mid, but a couple mistakes made the game even. Despite such results G was still far ahead of everyone in terms of net worth, but "squadron" never made use of it.

Vega didn't manage to find answers to opponent's agression after Centaur got his Blink Dagger. Combination of Stampede, Global Silence and Warcry brought Effect many kills and "sharks" were left behind. After reaching critical mass opponent finished the game with ease.


Second map picks:
Vega: Weaver (Ditya Ra), Templar Assassin (G), Slardar (Mag), Tusk (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Effect: Luna (Sedoy), Ember Spirit (Afoninje), Nyx (Shachlo), Sven (RodjER), Bane (ArsZeeqq)

Next map Vega still had decent lanes even without that much agression at start. But it's not surprising as the drafts stood quite the same. Though, Mag was given his signature Slardar and SoNNeikO surprised everyone with Tusk.

Vega made a great move and took early Roshan, but even that didn't help them keep midgame under their domination. Effect were playing easy and effective, gathered as 5 and won teamfights one after another. Second map ended just the same way as the first.

So, Vega are going to fight in the lower brackets now, and some serious work has to be done in order to move further.