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Vega will fight for Galaxy Battles invite in tie-breaks 01.06.2017 Author // Ace

First day of the summer was full of Galaxy Battles games for Vega Squadron.


Vega: Sven (Alohadance), Mirana (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Treant Protector (CeMa), Shadow Shaman (Silent)
Empire: Razor (Chappie), Juggernaut (fn), Tidehunter (Ghostik), Nyx (Rodjer), Disruptor (Miposhka)

Pick didn't look promising for Vega fans - Razor and Juggernaut against "sharks" once again. But this time our heroes were completely different than what we've seen on LOOTBet. Trean Protector became the key hero as somehow Empire forgot about the hero and let CeMa take it.

The advantage on lanes was on "sharks" side, but was small. But later in the game pick-off oriented heroes prove to be very useful. Vega took objectives quickly and Empire couldn't reply with objective kills. When someone died on "squadron" side the remaining players of the team were exchanging buildings in their favor.

After taking Roshan Vega started playing more active and "imperials" didn't have answers to that. "Squadron" advantage only grew and they won the game without losing a single tower.


Vega: Razor (Alohadance), Mirana (G), Batrider (Afterlife), Nyx (CeMa), Witch Doctor (Silent)
Gambit: Ursa (Daxak), Templar Assassin (Cooman), Sand King (chshrct), Chen (Bignum), Bane (AWFly)

In a match against Gambit we've seen Chen that "squadron" bans against Empire. As it turned out Gambit didn't deserve a respect ban. Vega were leading the game, took everything they wanted on lanes and put Razor on mid. Moreover, they didn't let Gambit setup take Roshan.

Without the main object in the game Gambit had to play defensively and their pick wasn't good at it, so "sharks" scored a victory quite easily.


Vega: Razor (Alohadance), Death Prophet (G), Tidehunter (Afterlife), Clockwerk (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
ProDotA: Troll Warlord (Garter), QoP (Keyser), Nature’s Prophet (33), Bane (j4), Rubick (Milan)

In the final match Vega were in the same position as Gambit last map. With agression-oriented pick "sharks" lost lanes without any chances and could only count on teamfights with the great use of their ultimates.

"Squadron" did fight good, but after that PD were making easy pick-offs and increased their advantage until it became critical.

So, Vega are now share the first place with Mousesports and will be playing tiebreakers for the invite to the main tournament.