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Vega takes 2 matches from young teams 10.03.2017 Author // Ace

After a bad start on The Kiev Major qualifiers "sharks" were facing Hive and Comanche later.


Vega Squadron – Hive

Vega: Lone Druid (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Clockwerk (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Warlock (CeMa)
Hive: Vengeful Spirit (Daxak), Alchemist (Pikachu), Brewmaster (Orb1t), Slardar (Sm1ley), Disruptor (Fervian)

It looked like Vega shouldn't have any problems with an open qualifier team. Mag gave away first blood, but "sharks" were leading on lanes. 15 minutes into the game G was catching up with Achemist and Ditya Ra was somewhere around as well. The game was turned by a bad Roshan for Vega. After using their ultimates right, Hive killed 4 "sharks" and took Aegis.

Later in the game Vega did everything they could to not lose to the overfarmed Alchemist. Thanks to experience and higher class Vega were outperforming the opponent in macro and in fights micro-skill of "sharks" was quite obvious. In one of the episodes G made Ultra Kill and then Hive lost all their lanes, together with the game.


Vega Squadron – Comanche

Vega: Lycan (Ditya Ra), Lone Druid (G), Centaur Warrunner (Mag), Chen (SoNNeikO), Disruptor (CeMa)
Hive: Timbersaw (ILTV), Ark (ILT), Clockwerk (XaKoH), Earth Spirit (Chuvash), Rubick (Misha)

The scenario was pretty much the same with the first game. Vega were strong on lanes but made a couple mistakes in midgame including a bad fight around Roshan, again.

However Comanche didn't have any synergy between Troll Warlord and other heroes. Him and Timbersaw were strong but in combination "sharks" looked more scary and they were winning teamfights. Burst-damage was high enough to take down these 2 and then all the others. It all came down to crazy swings in the end, teams made mistakes one after another, Vega almost threw the game around Roshan, but then made use of reckless buybacks on opponent's side and scored the victory.