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Vega takes 1st place on The International 7 groupstage 28.06.2017 Author // Ace

Vega began first on day one, but next day "sharks" were the ones to finish the game day. First opponents were team Effect that didn't have a great groupstage and it was really obvious in the match. Like the last matches of Monday "sharks" displayed their complete domination, this time they used Timbersaw.

What goes to Team Spirit match, "sharks" fans might want to forget that altogether. Let's not remind that. We'll hope that what happened here will not happen on play-offs. Then it got better. In a match against M19 Funn1k and co were probably not hoping for a 100% safe victory and picked complicated strategy that required perfect performance. It didn't work out and "sharks" were the ones to be precise.

Vega and Na'Vi had to decide the fate of the last play-off slot in a match between each other. In case "sharks" victory they would have taken 1st place in the play-offs. If Na'Vi won the first match, they would have to win another one from Vega as well in order to go further. So, Vega went for a safe stable pick accompanied with Tidehunter. Yes, "sharks" were nervous, Cema was missing stuns, 4 people were caught under Echo Slam, but Vega's macro was just straight out better. "Squadron" didn't hurry and finished the game on a slow, but steady pace.

Vega are in play-offs with the first place in the groups and Na'Vi are not going to The International 7 for the first time in their history.