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Vega Survives day one at MLG Qualifiers! 16.09.2015 Author // theDabca

Today was the first day of the European Qualifiers for the joinDota MLG World Finals 2015 to be held in New Orleans October 16-18. RUVega Squadron moves into the next round with a swift defeat of Golden Boys!

Six teams have already been invited including: KRMVP Phoenix, EUTeam Secret, RUVirtus.pro, CNLGD Gaming, CNCDEC, and USEvil Geniuses. Two teams, one from the Americas and one from Europe, will find themselves in New Orleans competing against the best in the world after battling through their respective regions’ qualifiers.

Invited teams to the European Qualifiers include: RUVega Squadron, EU5Jungz, SEAlliance, EUGolden Boys, EUMonkey Business, EUMonkey Freedom Fighters, UANatus Vincere, RUCIS Rejects, RUTeam Empire, and SENinjas in Pyjamas, the last two starting in the semi-finals. Invited teams to the Americas Qualifiers include: USCloud9, UScompLexity, USDigital Chaos, USFIRE, USHigh Council of Wizards and Priests, and USROOT Gaming.

After the first day of competition, RUVega Squadron and RUCIS Rejects have moved into the next round to face the winners of the series between EU5Jungz and EUMonkey Business and UANa’Vi and EUMFF. Then in the third round the winners will face SENIP and RUEmpire. The Grand Final of the Qualifiers will be held on September 19 at 18:00 CEST.

The first series of the day was between RUVega and GB and ended 2-1 for RUVega! After losing the first game, RUVega Squadron went on to win the next two with a solid lineup drafted both games by Cema. Sunlight was also a standin for Vega and was seen on Phantom Lancer and Slardar, this mixed with No[o]ne’s Queen of Pain and Shadow Fiend. They played well against a team looking for validation, with nothing to lose. MaybeNextTime played Bounty Hunter both games for GB and Skylark played Dark Seer for both as well. The teams played around similar lineups and drafts, with both teams banning niche picks 5th and banning Meta picks 1st-4th.

The second series of the day was between SEAlliance and RUCIS Rejects, RUCISR winning 2-0. This was another sad day for SEAlliance, who are trying their best to rekindle old flames. It was a great day for RUCIS Rejects though, whose roster debuted today, filled with ex-RUEmpire supports, an ex-RUHell Raisers carry, and a couple pubstars. They showed real strength today against the experience, if not top-level of play, coming from SEAlliance. The first game was quite a fun game to watch, with Alliance getting every hero they were known for, Bulldog on Nature’s Prophet, s4 on Puck, and Akke on Chen. Ultimately they fell to a more serious lineup from RUCISR, Vanskor on Silencer, Artes on Slark, and alwayswannafly on Earth Shaker. Next game was a bit sadder, Artes on the Wraith King, alwayswannafly playing Visage, s4 on Shadow Fiend, and Mynuts on Tusk.  Overall a good series for both teams to learn from. Good luck to RUCISR in the next round!

Take a peek tomorrow at the joinDota streams to watch Kuroky and his EU5Jungz take on BigDaddyNoTail and his EUMonkey Business starting at 19:00 CEST and UANa’Vi take on MFF at 16:00 CEST. Then on September 17 watch RUVega and RUCISR take on the winners starting at 16:00 CEST! As always, thanks for visiting vega-gaming.com and supporting RUVega Squadron!