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Vega Suqadron LCL 2021 Summer Split roster 15.06.2021 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron present our League of Legends roster for the LCL 2021 Spring Split. The event starts on June 26 and will be held in a new format. For the fourth time, our team is led by the head coach Kirill "JamesPeke" Katashov.

The only player to stay in the team from the previous split is our support Ali "Mercenary" Musaev. We also welcome Nikita "Keysie" Popov back to competitive LoL as he spent the previous split as an LCL talent.

The experienced top laner Kirill "Aoi Haru" Kolupaev joins Vega for the first time alongside the Spanish marksman David "MyKey" Garcia Rubio, who returns to LCL from Portugal.

Experienced Polish jungler Damian "Wysek" Adamczyk debuts in the Continental League. He previously played in Poland, Great Britain, and Czech Republic and made it two times to EU Masters.

Vega Squadron LCL Summer Split roster 

Kirill «Aoi Haru» Kolupaev (Russia, top lane)
Damian «Wysek» Adamczyk (Poland, jungler)
Mikita «Keysie» Popov (Russia, mid lane)
David «Mykey» Garcia Rubio (Spain, ADC)
Ali «Mercenary» Musaev (Russia, support)

Kirill «JamesPeke» Katashov (coach, manager)
Sergey «Thainum» Korendyasev (assistant coach