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Vega stops one step away from ECS Development League 20.02.2017 Author // Ace

This Saturday and Sunday Vega Squadron were playing on ECS Development League. After a solid first day, "sharks" faced serious opponents the next day.


Vega Squadron – LDLC (bo1)

In 1/8 finals Vega faced LDLC that features such CS masters as Maniac and Ex6tenz. But team wasn't complete with Lambert playing instead of Mistou. He was the weak in shooting so the team looked lost on Overpass and lost their half with 14:1 score. "Sharks" took the pistol round and it seemed that it would be an easy victory, but LDLC took force, then 7 rounds in a row, but still Vega took what's theirs.


Vega Squadron – Epsilon (bo3)

Next "sharks" opponents were Epsilon that came back against Rogue and went further in brackets. From this point on it was bo3. Epsilon went for Mirage, Vega - Cache and decider was Nuke.

Mirage is one of the strongest Epsilon maps. They had a decent attack half, but "sharks" came back in the end of it and then won defence, winning the map. On Cache it looked the same, but in the end of the game Swedish team turned it around and Vega accepted defeat with 16:14 score. On decider map Epsilon took 2 pistol rounds, but that's pretty much it - Vega were much more confident with devices and won 16:6.


Vega Squadron – PriDE (bo3)

In the last match "sharks" were playing against PRiDE, 3rd Polish team. They went for Inferno, last 2 were the same as in the last series. When the scores were 5:3 the first map was stopped for 2 hours due to server problems.

On Inferno Vega lost pistol rounds, but played great as attack and finished their half 8:7. What happened in defence was a huge question - "sharks" got lost and made many mistakes in 2 key rounds that were basically theirs. In the end - a 16:10 defeat. On Cache Vega didn't make it as well. 16:4 - and Vega are losing second open qualifiers in a row. "Sharks" will still be given one more chance to make it to Development League, though - next weekend there are is another open qualifier scheduled.