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Vega stopped one step away from DreamHack Austin 27.03.2017 Author // Ace

«Sharks» made it to DreamHack Austin EU qualifiers where they lost to HellRaisers.

On Sunday, March 26, Vega Squadron were playing on DreamHack Austin qualifiers. The only slot was to be given to one of 8 teams. Vega's first match against GODSENT may be found here. After winning over Swedish guys Vega faced Team Kinguin.


Vega – Kinguin – 2:1 (Inferno 12:16, Overpass 16:13, Cache 16:10)


On the new Inferno Vega didn't have much of an experience, and the one they had wasn't the best. Kinguin kept that in mind, but faced serious resistance. Despite "sharks" were losing 10:1 as attack, they still took 4 rounds and then looked quite scary as defence. Still, Polish team showed them why it's their pick and won 16:12.

Even though "sharks" losing on Overpass to GODSENT, the fight there was fierce. Russian squad had a good half as attack with 9:6 score, but got a little stuck as CT. However, they managed to get their stuff together and took the map. Now decider was to define the only winner.

Cache has always been a double-sided blade for Vega. "Sharks" always had great attack side, but their agression in defense has not been working. Vega took the T side with 10:5 score, then took a pistol round, then 2 rounds more, but then lost a device round and what came with it. When the scores were 13:10, "sharks" did what has to be done, won the map and the series.


Vega – HellRaisers – 0:2 (10:16 Mirage, 12:16 Inferno)



First map was Vega's pick, but HR were good on it as well. "Sharks" began just right as defence, but then let opponent come close. The score at the end of the first half was 8:7 in Vega's favor, but next half didn't work out for "sharks" at all, guys only took 2 rounds and then lost the map.

Noone would expect Vega to come back on Inferno, but being as a "weak" side they showed something incredible. They were confidently winning and finished they half 11:4. But the defense side was a pure nightmare. Russian team only won one round and lost all their chances to make it to decider. DreamHack Austin will not feature Vega Squadron's presence.