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Vega stomps EPG on DreamLeague 13.05.2017 Author // Ace

In the penultimate match on DreamLeague Vega Squadron faced Elements Pro Gaming.


First map picks:
Vega: Antimage (Alohadance), Ursa (G), Nyx (Afterlife), Clockwerk (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Silent)
EPG: Spectre (Swiftending), Ember Spirit (Pingvincek), Enigma (Mitch), Sand King (LeBron), Warlock (g0g1)

On map 1 Vega surprised the opponent with Antimage pick and started playing 4+1. At some point in time "sharks" were leading so much they could afford themselves to dive very deep. Meanwhile Ilya has been farming.

Closer to minute 30 EPG's teamfight composition was ready to fight back, but still didn't have answers to Antimage. After taking Aegis "squadron" finished the game in their favor.


Second map picks:
Vega: Ursa (Alohadance), Troll Warlord (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Treant Protector (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
EPG: Lifestealer (Swiftending), Lina (Pingvincek), Bristleback (Mitch), Clockwerk (LeBron), Crystal Maiden (g0g1)

On map 2 Vega picked traditional heroes with strong lanes and midlane snowball. EPG didn't show any serious moves, so Vega did everything as planned.

"Sharks" crushed the opponent 28:4 and began waiting for the Epicenter lower bracket finals.