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Vega Squadron will take part in Valentine Madness 07.02.2019 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron will take part in WePlay Valentine Madness online-tournament that features a $100,000 prize pool and will be hosted on February 10-16th.

Unlike Winter Madness, the new event won't have any groupstage. 12 teams will be placed in a Double Elimination bracket. 8 teams including Vega will begin from 1/8, 4 more squads will be waiting for the winners in the quarterfinals. All the games except for the first two lower bracket rounds will be best-of-3. The first 8 matches of the lower brackets will be bo1, the grand finals will be bo5.

In the first round Vega will face The Final Tribe. The game is scheduled for February 10th, 14:00 CET.