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Vega Squadron will take part in SL i-League #4 25.01.2018 Author // Konservator

From January 29th up till February 3rd "sharks" will be fighting for an invite to the LAN finals in "Kiev Esports Arena".

Vega Squadron became one of the participants for the mixed EU+CIS qualifier stage for 8 teams. Our opponents are: HellRaisers, heroic, BIG, Space Soldiers, AGO, GODSENT and Team EnVyUs. The toss-up is scheduled for later - participants are to fight in Single Elimination brackets in bo3 matches and the best pair goes to Kiev.

The final stage of the championships will be hosted in Kiev on February 17-25. There will be 16 teams fighting for their chunk of the $300,000 prize pool and will be our roster's next stop after cs_summit 2 in Los-Angeles.

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