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Vega Squadron will take part in MDL Macau and Galaxy Battles II 11.11.2017 Author // Konservator

On the second week of November Vega Squadron players arrived for bootcamp for The Perfect World Masters in China. Same month there will also be two more tournaments that "sharks" will be qualifying for.

CIS qualifiers for MDL Macau from MarsTV studio will begin on November 11th. Vega Squadron will have to go through two play-off rounds in order to play a final match against Team Empire - they've already beaten Team Spirit and Gambit Esports on their way. The winner of the qualifiers will advance to LAN-finals of the Minor in Macau, China that is scheduled for December 8-10th. Vega's closest matches on MDL:

November 11th
Vega Squadron vs Effect @bo3 | 16:30 CET
(in case of victory) Vega Squadron vs Na`Vi / M19 @bo3 | 20:30 CET

November 12th
(in case of victory) Vega Squadron vs Team Empire @bo3 | 19:00 CET

Another bigger tournament will be happening closer to the end of the month. Galaxy Battles II will feature more complicated qualifiers of 2 stages. In the first round teams will be placed in two GSL format groups and only two leaders will advance further. They'll join Vega Squadron and Natus Vincere in play-off Single Elimination stage. In three bo3 series the only CIS team will be defined to go to the LAN finals in Bulakan, Phillipines. Vega Squadron matches will begin on November 28th:

November 28th
Vega Squadron vs TBA @bo3 | 16:00 CET

November 29th
Vega Squadron vs Na`Vi / TBA @bo3 | 19:00 CET

The most important event of this month will begin in a week - on November 17th "sharks" are flying to The Perfect World Masters in Shanghai to score their first competitive points this season. Follow the updates on our website or in social media: