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Vega Squadron will take part in Galaxy Battles qualifiers 30.05.2017 Author // Ace

Team Vega Squadron will play in qualifiers to the Galaxy Battles that will be going in China in June 14-18. 8 teams will gather to fight for the prize pool of $150,000. 4 of them have been invited directly - NewBee, iG.Vitality, TNC Pro Team and Thunderbirds, 4 more will be defined through qualifiers.

In Europe qualifiers, except for Vega, we'll see teams as Empire, Gambit, mousesports, NiP, EPG, ProDotA and open qualifier winners. The main qualifiers will be using round robin system. All teams will go in 1 group and will have a bo1 match with each other. The first place gets an invite to the tournament. Russian language coverage of the tournament will be provided by UCC.


Vega Squadron match schedule (CEST):

May 31st

14:00 - vs Open Qualifiers
18:30 - vs Mousesports
20:00 - vs Elements
21:00 - vs NiP

June 1

18:30 - vs Empire
21:00 - vs Gambit
22:00 - vs ProDotA