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Vega Squadron will take part on EPICENTER 2017 12.10.2017 Author // Konservator

In tough series "sharks" take revenge from Natus Vincere and acquire themself a well-deserved slot to the tournament in St. Petersburg.

Our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team got a direct invite to the closed qualifiers and began it's way from group B. Vega Squadron advanced from it with 2:0 score after beating Team Spirit Academy and AVANGAR.

Inbetween groupstage and play-offs there was a break, our guys used it to travel to China and win China Top 2017. When players returned they had to face solid CIS scene opponents instead of the SEA teams.


In play-off brackets we beat Team Spirit, "stumbled" on Na'Vi and faced them again after AVANGAR withdrew from the tournament. These Train, Nuke and Mirage were going in a crazy tempo with a lot of comebacks and turnarounds and Vega came out victorious! On the 23rd of October Vega Squadron will take part in Wildcard stage against FaZe Clan, TyLoo and Team Liquid to please the audience in the final stage of the EPICENTER.

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