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Vega Squadron will take part in DreamLeague Major open qualifiers 17.01.2019 Author // Ace

«Sharks» are about to fight their way through the open quali's once again.

DreamLeague announced the list of teams invited to the third Major of the season qualifiers. In EU these teams are: Team Secret, Team Liquid, Alliance, NIP and OG. So, Vega Squadron will have to take part in open qualifiers to reach the Major.

As a reminder, Vega has already passed The Chongqing open qualifiers with quite the confidence. Moreover, these players have also won Kuala Lumpur Major open qualifiers as Team Lithium.

The first qualifiers will begin on January 24-25th, the second one - on January 26-27th. Open qualifiers will be covered on Vega Squadron Twitch.TV channel, on our website or in social media found below: