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Vega Squadron will play on DreamLeague Season 7 11.04.2017 Author // Ace

In the decisive match of DreamLeague Season 7 qualifiers "sharks" beat Effect in the tough bo3 series.


First map:
Vega: Juggernaut (Alohadance), Broodmother (G), Legion Commander (Afterlife), Rubick (Silent), Ogre Magi (CeMa)
Effect: Wrath King (Sedoy), Silencer (Afoninje), Centaur Warrunner (Shachlo), Doom (Rodjer), Bane (ArsZeeqq)

On map one Effect went for strange heroes that could surivie anything and Vega decided to go with experiments and moved G to offlane letting Afterlife go mid. This swap worked out, even though Effects made some kills, they were behind in net worth.

Broodmother felt comfortable and tried to push, but Afoninje kept it under control while his teammates were making kills around the map. Vega were one mistake away from losing the game and they eventually made it, lost a set of barracks, gave away 15k gold lead together with the game.


Second map picks:
Vega: Timbersaw (Alohadance), Shadow Fiend (G), Sand King (Afterlife), Dazzle (Silent), Tusk (CeMa)
Effect: Troll Warlord (Sedoy), Viper (Afoninje), Abaddon (Shachlo), Treant Protector (Rodjer), Crystal Maiden (ArsZeeqq)

On map two Vega took the initative and picked Timbersaw together with Shadow Fiend. With a bit of trouble at lanes "sharks" transitioned into teamfight phase where Timbersaw took what's his.

At some point Alohadance was impossible to kill even with 5 enemy heroes taking part in it and Vega scored an easy victory.


Third map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Alohadance), Lina (G), Batrider (Afterlife), Dazzle (Silent), Slardar (CeMa)
Effect: Troll Warlord (Sedoy), Centaur Warrunner (Afoninje), Legion Commander (Shachlo), Sven (Rodjer), Rubick (ArsZeeqq)

On last map Vega went for minus-armor strategy and Effect replied with support Sven that has huge winrate in their hands. This time statistics has not been proven even though at first Alohadance had troubles finding farm around the map.

But "squadron" reached midgame and won each and every teamfight. At some point the advantage reached the critical mass of 20k gold and Vega earned themselves an invite to DreamLeague Season 7 main event.