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Vega Squadron will completely change the League of Legends roster 24.12.2018 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron bids farewell to the five players that have been presenting our team during Summer Split 2019 and will announce the new roster before the next campaign. As a reminder, during the Summer Split our team consisted of NoNholy, Warden, Phlaty, Optimas and Skash. The only position in the team to remain unchanged will be Dimitry "Invi" Protasov, our coach. Vega Squadron is thankful to the guys and their impact on the team and wishes them best of luck in the new teams.

Shall we remind you that in 2019 Alexander Ovchinnikov will set his record on being the only player in the LCL to stay with one organization for 6 seasons straight.

Vega Squadron coach comment:

- For the last two splits we only had one aim – to win the split and advance to the international tournament. Unfortunately, we couldn't get close to it. This is why we decided to enter the 2019 with a completely new roster. 

I'd like to thank guys for all the time spent in Vega. I hope we'll face Alexander, Artous and Alexey in LCL play-offs and I am also sure we'll have a chance to see Lukas and Rolandas in the European leagues.

The new Vega Squadron roster will be announced in 2019.