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Vega Squadron will be fighting for $125,000. Road to Finals 14.10.2018 Author // vilden

On 7th of October StarSeries i-League CS:GO Season 6 began in Kiev. Our team advanced to play-offs among the last, but still made it to the finals after knocking out one of the favorites.

So here's a retrospect of everything what happened to Vega Squadron on their way to grand-finals.


In the first match our CS:GO team faced NRG Esports - a team that won't lose a single map on their way to the semifinals. Vega Squadron could score a victory here, but something went wrong...

jR: «The game was tough. I think we should've won. We won 15:14 and just lost it ourselves».

Vega Squadron [17:19] NRG Esports @ Inferno

The next match was against Sprout on Mirage. An even fight in the first half (9:6) transfered into a comeback deny by Vega Squadron - 16:12.

Vega Squadron [16:12] Sprout @ Mirage



The third tour made us make a step back from going to play-offs. OpTic Gaming took the game with a 7 round gap. Our team had a decent defense phase (7:8), but didn't find their gameplay in attack.

Vega Squadron [9:16] OpTic Gaming @ Inferno

jR: «The scores don't represent the game - the rounds have been close, all of them could turn the tide of the game».

So, every next game in groupstage was an elimination one. Vega Squadron had to knock out two remaining CIS teams – Gambit and HellRaisers. "Sharks" played on Train against Gambit and hutji with jR showed their true strength. Then, chopper and tonyblack played a very important role on Inferno against HR.

jR: «We knew that Andrey «B1ad3» Gorodensky (Gambit coach) will prepare for us well. Our plan was to allow ourselves more freedom in some moments, so we would be harder to "read". But it only worked because Pasha was playing godlike on CT».

Vega Squadron [16:9] Gambit @ Train
Vega Squadron
[16:7] HellRaisers Gaming @ Inferno


In the quarterfinals Vega Squadron had a match against Fragsters. Our team began their best-of-3 on this tournament with a victory on Dust2, and then score a tough Cache as well.

The MVP of the match was chopper - he score 52 frags in 2 maps (KDA 52/24/18). This is one of the best results in play-offs the only player to perform better was allu against OpTic Gaming

Vega Squadron [16:10] Fragsters @ Dust2
Vega Squadron
[16:13] Fragsters @ Cache

Fighting for a spot in the finals was also a rematch against NRG. The series began with a pitiful defeat on Vega's map (Mirage) - our opponents managed to came back from 4:11 score. On the opponent's pick "sharks" made a little miracle - after an even first half (8:7) Vega Squadron scored 8 rounds in a row and won the match.

Everything came down to Inferno. Teams came back to where they started in groupstage. The scores in defense ended up the same (7:8), but Vega Squadron took the initiative in the second half and won their spot in the finals in the 28th round – 16:12.

Tonyblack definetely deserves a special mention, because his impact on Vega's victory was the biggest. By the end of the match his personal rating was 1.24 (KDA 63/46/10).


The last step on our way to the champion's title was a match against ENCE that used best-of-5 format. Inbefore these grand-finals the Finnish team only lost one map on StarSeries i-League Season 6 - it was Nuke agaginst BIG in the quarterfinals (20:22).

The final match was a true cherry on the cake of the Kiev tournament. In order to find out the champions of the tournament all 5 maps were played! Sharks began their match with a victory on the opponent's pick (Train), but then lost two maps in a row.

Vega Squadron players didn't give up and took Mirage, so the game advanced to the last map. ENCE scores 12 rounds as attack and didn't leave our guys enough space that began after the side swap. Finnish team took the initiative right in time to be victorious.

jR: «Thank you all for support. Of course we'd like to win, but our opponent was stronger this time, and it's s good experience. Guys in the arena - YOU are amazing! Thank you very much!»