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Vega Squadron were not able to take over Team Liquid 22.07.2017 Author // sirVatum

The first Vega Squadron opponent on DreamLeague was Team Liquid.

First map picks:
Vega: Troll Warlord (Alohadance), Legion Commander (G), Sand King (Afterlife), Spirit Breaker (SlayeR), Ancient apparition (Silent)
Liquid: Anti-mage (Miracle-), Queen of pain  (MATUMBAMAN), Dark seer (MinD_ContRoL), Earthshaker (GH), Jakiro (KuroKy)

The initiative on map 1 was in Vega Squadron hands at start with trilane against Antimage. Slayer was running around the map and helped made kills on the opponent's hardlaner. G earned a lot of damage from duels and ALOHADANCE was safely farming with the space provided.

Vega controlled Roshans and made Liquid turtle on their highground, but at some points "sharks" played too agressive and lost a couple core heroes, losing the tempo. With some gold acquired Antimage became a problem, took 2 sides of barracks and made it into lategame. One mistake with buybacks a bit later on costed "sharks" their last set of "rax". After that it was only a matter of time for Team Liquid to take the game.

Second map picks:
Vega: Sven (Alohadance), Viper (G), Clockwerk (Afterlife), Bounty Hunter (SlayeR), Rubick (Silent)
Liquid: Juggernaut (Miracle-), Lone Druid (MATUMBAMAN), Enigma (MinD_ContRoL), Zeus (GH), Sand King (KuroKy)

Next map both teams played agressive. Spontaneous fights on midlane from the very first minutes didn't bring any advantage to any of the sides. At the end of lane phase Vega, however, made a couple mistakes and let Enigma with Lone Druid get their early Midases. Despite having a Bounty Hunter "sharks" started losing in terms of gold.

Come back time was, as it usually happens, around Roshan. After having a series of good fights "squadron" destroyed 2 sets of barracks and went ahead. However, Enigma was still in the game and he did great on the 3rd lane. MinD_ContRoL sent all the Vega heroes home and the game became even again.

Unfortunately, Liquid had a better pick in lategame. Half an hour later opponents caught Sven with no buyback, made megacreeps and finished the game.