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Vega Squadron on WePlay Forge of Masters LAN finals 01.05.2019 Author // Ace

On the 3rd of May Vega Squadron will begin it's way on their first LAN with the new roster. The team under jR's command will take part in WePlay Forge of Masters in Kiev. "Sharks" opponents are HellRaisers, AVANGAR and DreamEaters.

Тhe tournament will feature Double Elimination brackets with bo3 matches throughout the brackets. Every day tournament will host 2 matches and the first one will be Vega against HellRaisers. The game is scheduled for May, 3rd, 15:00 CEST.

HellRaisers changed one player since the last time they faced Vega. Hobbit has been replaced by nukkye. With him in the roster HR have already managed to beat AVANGAR in online and finish the groupstage on the first place with only one defeat - from "sharks".

What goes to the other teams on the tournament, Dream Eaters will have a stand-in in Kiev. Starix will be protecting the tag instead of Krad.