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Vega Squadron on WePlay Forge of Masters 08.04.2019 Author // Ace

Forge of Masters is the new league by WePlay that has been created to gather all CIS competitive teams. Except for Vega Squadron, the league features such teams as AVANGAR, HellRaisers, Team Spirit, Winstrike, pro100, Nemiga and DreamEaters.

8 teams will compete for 4 slots to the LAN finals in bo1-matches using the round robin system. The offline tournament is scheduled for May 3-5th.

Vega Squadron match schedule on Forge of Masters (CEST time and it may vary):

April 8, 18:45 – vs pro100
April 8, 20:00 – vs AVANGAR
April 9, 17:30 – vs Winstrike
April 9, 18:45 – vs DreamEaters
April 9, 20:00 – vs Nemiga
April 10, 18:45 – vs HellRaisers
April 10, 20:00 – vs Team Spirit