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Vega Squadron welcomes a new player 17.03.2020 Author // Ace

Ukrainian marksman Alexander "Unho1y" Sevostianov becomes a Vega Squadron player. He will take the substitute position but on March 18 he is going to play versus Dragon Army at LCL Open Cup quarter final as ADC.

Unho1y has a huge experience of competitive League of Legends in LCL and beyond. He became the first player ever who performed a penta kill in LCL League. He did it in 2017 as Caitlyn. He also performed another penta in February 2020 in Baltic League.

Vega Squadron League of Legends Roster

Oleg «Charger» Zhuravlev (Top Lane)
Yaroslav «MightyDragon» Svistun (Jungler)
Nikita «Keysie» Popov (Mid Lane)
Rolandas «Optimas» Vincalovicius (ADC)
Vladislav «SimSin» Samokha (Support)

Alexander «Unho1y» Sevostianov (Substitute/ADC)

Kirill «JamesPeke» Katashov (coach/manager)