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Vega Squadron takes two close maps from Team Empire 24.02.2017 Author // sirVatum

First map picks:

Vega: Lycan (Ditya Ra), Nyx assasin (G), Centaur warrunner (Mag), Shadow demon(SoNNeikO), Leshrac (CeMa)

Empire: Earth spirit (Miposhka), Batrider(Ghostik), Slark (fn), Rubick (KingR), Tinker (chappie)


Vega went for reliable stuns with Shadow Demon combo. Nyx was doing fine on mid against Tinker and even drew first blood, but "imperials" replied with a gank on Ditya Ra. After getting their ultimates both teams were actively moving around the map, but unlike the opponent, "sharks" had all the means to destroy buildings along the way. After getting a solid advantage Vega took Roshan, but made a couple mistakes lost the opportunity to make use of it.

In lategame Vega had serious problems in getting up enemy highground. Tinker was keeping distance and Empire even won a fight. They went for the last push, but Vega's great synergy in defense helped them turn the fight and then take the game.

Second map picks:

Vega: Luna (Ditya Ra), Dragon knight (G), Underlord (Mag), Shadow demon(SoNNeikO), Leshrac (CeMa)

Empire: Rubick (Miposhka), Centaur warrunner (Ghostik), Ember spirit (fn), Disruptor (KingR), Weaver (chappie)


«Sharks» went for pushing strategy once again, didn't really change their pick and the opponents replied with teamfight composition. Team Empire got their advantage at start, both ganks by Vega on Ember Spirit didn't pay off at all. Even worse, "imperial" midlaner got himself 9 kills in 11 minutes.

However, "squadron" replied with ganks, Roshan control and Empire stopped increasing their advantage as quickly as before. The key moment was around bottom Dire sanctuary where "sharks" chainstunned their through teamfight and won it.

Having good lategame heroes halped Vega a lot and eventually Luna and Dragon Knight were impossible to deal with. Enemy base fell quickly.

2-0 and rematch for DAC is taken.