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Vega Squadron on Starladder: Group of death or group of doubt? 18.05.2017 Author // Ace

On 19th of May Vega Squadron begins on Starladder i-League Invitational groupstage. From the first glance at the Group B everyone said it was the "group of death" for Vega, but is that really so? Official "sharks" website is here to discuss it with you.




The favorite in a match between NewBee and Vega has been obvious very recently, no doubt. Chinese dota-scene found it's gameplay and NewBee finished second on ESL One Genting, were invited to Major, but this is when it all crashed down. In play-offs NewBee were unlucky to play against Liquid. They lost in a fair fight, but then got lost and only won 2 series out of 6. The opponents were strong, however. LFY and CDEC won invited to The Summit and Epicenter, and iG with VG:J have been considered the best teams in China back in the days.

However, iG and VG.J have already lost their games and looked mediocre against TNC and Alliance. So now it's yet unclear which opponent is "worse" - NewBee or rampaging TNC.




«Horses» have been looking like favorites of the tournament and they still look like ones. People say that the only team to not let Liquid take the title and secure the TI7 invite are "horses" themselves. On DreamLeague Liquid looked unstable mostly due to their risky drafts. Maybe KuroKy will stop his experiments on offlane, but one thing is clear - you can't let Lycan out of ban against these guys. Everything depends on Liquid at this point. They have incredible skill and huge potential but are still a team of mood.




Faceless has been considered the best team in their region lately. However, they managed to lose all invites to LAN events to Clutch Gamers. But that's not region getting weaker, on the contrary. TNC stomped quartet A so you might expect strong gameplay from TNC and Clutch Gamers as well. Moreoever, Faceless are extremely motivated as this is their last chance to shine before The International invites are announced.