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Vega Squadron roster for LCL 2021 Spring Split 01.02.2021 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron present our new roster for LCL 2021 Spring Split. The squad was gathered by our well-known manager and coach Kirill "JamesPeke" Katashov. He put together some old and new faces from CIS and Eastern Europe.

Oleg "Charger" Zhuravlev (Top lane, Russia)
Artem "Rein" Zenyan (Jungle, Russia)
Hrisimir "6ax" Popov (Mid lane, Bulgaria)
Vadim "CyraXx" Averin (Bot lane, Latvia)
Ali "Mercenary" Musaev (Support, Russia)

Kirill "JamesPeke" Katashov (Coach, manager)
Vladimir "Ospreay" Gonchar (Assistant coach)

LCL Spring split starts on February 13. Stay tuned for schedule release and other updates!