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Vega Squadron qualified for the mainstage of Russia eSports Cup 12.03.2017 Author // Ace

After a failure on The Kiev Major Vega decided to take part in eSports Cup in Russia. According to the format, none of the teams have advantage and everyone begins from the open qualifiers.


The beginning of the game featured a lot of technical issues. In short, Vega skipped one round of the qualifiers as their opponent was disqualified, there were easy 15-minute games without any resistance, there were also some squishy games with come backs by Vega, and eventually it came down to the bo3 finals. The first game was kind of easy for "sharks" and they finished it with confidence. The second map was hard for "squadron", but even after losing the laning phase they showed their strength later and won with such interesting core heroes as Mirana and Vengeful Spirit. So, this was a brief recap of how Vega got to the mainstage part. As a reminder, mainstage will feature 12 teams fighting for 4 invites to the LAN finals in Moscow.