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Vega Squadron on PUBG Europe League 10.11.2018 Author // Ace

On November, 10th, Vega Squadron begins on PUBG Europe League open qualifiers with a prize pool over 1,000,000 EUR. The online qualifiers for Eastern Europe will be hosted on November 10-13 with 6 best teams advancing to the LAN qualifiers in Kiev.

Kiev tournament will feature 32 teams - half of them being invited, the other half will join through open qualifiers in 3 different regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, SEA and Africa. LAN qualifiers will be used to find out the best teams to advance to PUBG Europe League and PUBG Contenders League. Also, other teams will be able to join the Contenders League with the help of additional qualifiers.

Rounds 1 and 2 of Open Qualifiers will be held on November 10.

Round 1: https://pubg.starladder.com/ru/tournaments/1411/groups/4610 1st place
Round 2: https://pubg.starladder.com/ru/tournaments/1560/groups/4615 
1st place
Round 3: https://pubg.starladder.com/ru/tournaments/1561/groups/4624 4th place
Round 4: https://pubg.starladder.com/ru/tournaments/1561/groups/4630 4th place
Final Round: https://pubg.starladder.com/ru/ew/pubg_league/tournaments/1569/standings

You can follow the battle for the slot to Kiev using our official Vega Squadron website or in social media: