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Vega Squadron presents a duo of coaches for our League of Legends roster 25.01.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron is glad to announce new coaches for our League of Legends team.


Main coach will be Vladimir «Kayos» Ivanov. He has degree in psychology, quite experienced in this sphere. He helped our other coach last season and will now continue doing his job. What goes to in-game statistics and information, he'll be accompanied by Dimitry «Invi» Protasov, our new analyst. Dimitry went through Vega Squadron second roster try-outs and displayed high level of game understanding and fits for this job just right.


Vega Squadron management believes «fresh blood» among coaches will help our guys take a new look at the game and step up their performance compared to last season.


Anna «Revita» Ruslanova, team manager:

- A choice to pick Vladaimir «Kayos» Ivanov was caused by aims that we did set up for the upcoming split. First of all, his degree will help him deal with psychological moments that were stopping Vega Squadron from reaching higher highs. Kayos already knows the team pretty well and will continue working with our guys, but in a bit different way now.

Second of all, organization is aiming for a complete coaching staff. Dimitry «Invi» Protasov, our new analyst, may not be famous among the community, but still has everything to do his job well: he knows the game great, he possesses analytical skills, is a quick-learning, plodding and hard-working person. Such duo will help not only keep the healthy atmosphere inside the team, but also fix gameplay flaws and reach next level of performance.


Vladimir «Kayos» Ivanov, team coach:

- It's a huge honor to become Vega Squadron's coach for their League of Legends roster. I'm glad that the organization chose me to be the main coach and I'll do my best to please them with results. I used to be the psychologist for this team, but the amount of duties has grown, and I am ready. I'm ready to put my soul into the team and my job, do my best to create optimal training process and keep the atmosphere inside the team healthy and stable.

It's been 2 weeks since we started working in a duo with Dimitry, our new analyst, and it's great to see that our team is progressing. I believe that this split we will not disappoint our fans.


Dimitry «Invi» Protasov, team analyst:

- I've been monitoring Vega Squadron for quite a while, a couple months ago I was trying to get to the academy roster, and now I'm becoming an analyst for the team. I'm thankful to the organization for this trust and I promise to do my utmost best to help my team improve as quickly as possible.

After a week and a half that we've spent together with the team, I'm impressed by their personalities, their professional approach, the atmosphere that is inside the teamhouse. This season we will try hard to become first in CIS.