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Vega Squadron present the new League of Legends roster 01.01.2019 Author // Ace

Vega Squadorn are glad to announce a completely new League of Legends roster for LCL 2019 Spring Split! We already made an article about disbanding our previous team, and we also made a note that our main coach, Dmitriy "Invi" Protasov, will continue working with the team. We also hired a new manager to assist the squad - Anton "Tunes" Boyko. 

Vega Squadron roster for Spring Split 2019:

Vladislav «BOSS» Fomin (Top Lane)
Kirill «AHaHaCiK» Skvortsov (Jungle)
Lev «Nomanz» Yakshin (Mid Lane)
Ilya «Gadget» Makavchuk (ADC)
Aleksandr «SaNTaS» Lifashin (Support)

Dmitry «Invi» Protasov (Coach)
Anton «Tunes» Boyko (Manager)


Vega Squadron CEO Aleksey Kondakov:

- I am glad to welcome all the guys in our organization and would like to make a special note, that I'm happy to work with Invi. He's the real professional and one of the best coaches in LCL. This split we arranged a team of players that are one of the best in terms of mechanics in our region. I'm sure that this team will be at the very top of LCL brackets next season. 

Dmitry «Invi» Protasov:

- I am glad to meet all the new players in the organization. We've been working on this roster for more than two months, we tried many different players in order to find out that this particular squad is the strongest. All the players are one of the best players on their positions in CIS mechanically, they're all young and still many of those already have the experience of playing in LCL play-offs. Together we'll do our best to reach the highest highs in the new year and please you with fascinating games.