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Vega Squadron participates in Starladder League 17.11.2018 Author // Ace

On 17th of November Vega Squadron PUBG roster will take part in Starladder Amateur Series third stage. It is the first stage of the qualifiers to the new league provided by one of the most popular tournament hosts in CIS.

Starladder League is divided into 3 groups: Amateur, Semi-Pro and Ultiamte Series. In order to reach Ultimate Series every team has to start form Amateur one.

The first Amateur Series season will feature 512 teams and the whole qualifier stage will be split in 3 stages:

- 512 teams, 4 matches

- Best 256 teams after the first stage, 6 matches.

- Best 128 after the second stage, 8 matches. Keep track of Vega Squadron group

64 teams will advance to Semi-Pro Series.