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Vega Squadron parners up with DXRacer 02.03.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron do not only care about their rosters displaying good results but also are worried about them playing in optimal conditions. Nowadays in eSports "comfort" and "DXRacer" are synonims and Vega Squadron are pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with the leader of computer chairs for gamers manufacturing, DXRacer company! 

Partnership with DXRacer will become a very important step for our organization. It will be useful both to our players and, eventually, our fans. 


CEO Vega Squadron, Alexey Kondakov: 

- We are glad to become partners with DXRacer and are looking forward long and productive cooperation. In eSports gaming chairs are playing the role as important as modern PCs and high quality internet connection. One shouldn't forget that professional gamers spends 70% of their time near computers, so chairs provided by DXRacer will help them avoid overstressing during long practice sessions. 


Alexey Smagin, DXRacer marketing manager in the CIS: 

- One of the main strategies of DXRacer is cooperation with leading eSports organizations. So, we acquired an important partner in face of Vega Squadron: by gathering great rosters from all around the CIS they now have huge fanbase and many memorable victories behind. But I'm sure that the biggest achievements lie ahead and together we will hasten the day of triumph! DXRacer production will no doubt help training process become more comfortable hence more durable and effective.

I am very glad that we managed to reach an agreement. Vega, welcome to the DXRacer family! GL&HF


About DXRacer:

DXRacer are considered as standard of quality and trendsetters in gaming chair industry. Previously, DXRacer specialized in production of racing car seats and were the first to implement their knowledge and experience for computer chairs. 

Of course, computer chair differs a lot from the car one, but there are 2 important ideas that DXRacer stick to. First of all - their chairs are bright and "sports-looking". The variety of models is huge and fits any requirement: size, shape, colors, functionality - all that may be chosen individually for any customer. Second aspect that is not obvious until you use the chair yourself - it's great quality and reliability of chairs made by DXRacer. Tested by time and the best of the gamers in the best tournaments!