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Vega Squadron outplayed Team Just Alpha and secured their play-off spot 18.03.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega Squadron faced Team Just Alpha in the most important game of the LCL. "Sharks" had to beat the opponent to have 100% chances to advance to play-offs. Team Just Alpha victory would let them fight for the only slot remaining in tie-breakers.



Vega: Gragas (NoNholy), Graves (Zanzarah), Orianna (Drobovik123), Kalista (LeX), Lulu (Edward)

Just: Renekton (BOSS), Zac (SadJesteRRR), Syndra (Marker), Lucian (pooh), Karma (Jestkui Max)


After taking strong Kalista and Gragas, Vega stole Zac's jungle camp. Team Just Alpha went for Renekton top that has been shining in last "sharks" games, all the other heroes were easy to predict.

Until minute 10 teams were faming safely and didn't go agressive. The importance of the match was obvious for both teams and noone wanted to make a mistake. First blood was spilt on minute 11 after SadJesteRRR's ganks on mid. 5 minutes later there was a 1v1 exchange on midlane, but "squadron" made use of the opponent's support rotation and took the first tower. Trannsition into midgame was with a 3-3 score, but all 3 kills on Team Just side belonged to Orianna.

Good "sharks" rotations closer to the middle of the game brought them 4k gold advantage and objectives around the map. The opponent got lost and gave away all the map for "sharks" to use. Team Just made a mistake in a fight they initiated, Vega replied with a Baron and finished the game. This way Vega secured their slot in LCL play-offs.