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Vega Squadron outplayed the Spirit Academy 17.09.2017 Author // Konservator

The first match of the season is usually giving the mood for a while, so teams are motivated to do their utmost best.

First map — Train

"Sharks" pick didn't look great at the very start but all the doubt was gone by round 3. Great retake with some devices on Vega left Spirit.A with 3 rounds behind their back and keshandr went berserk as attack. Pistol rounds were not working out the best way possible, but it didn't stop our team from displaying solid shooting skills. With a 16:6 score Vega was to just do everything right on opponent's pick.

Second map — Overpass

This time the beginning was in Vega's favor - they denied the eco-rounds twice and were leading up until the 7:0 score. After that "young dragons" found their game and courage to go on and started taking rounds, but it didn't last long. After side swap Vega took what's theirs with a series of victorious rounds - 16:8.

At the moment on EPICENTER 2017 CIS qualifiers Vega Squadron is sharing the first place with AVANGAR in group B. They are going to be our opponents next time. Check our official website or social media for updates: