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Vega Squadron match recap, September 18 19.09.2017 Author // Konservator

Last evening was the first day of PGL Open Bucharest closed quali. In this article we'll tell you about two bo3 series that you could have missed.

Vega Squadron [2:1] Double Dimension

On map one Vega Squadron had a decent start, gave a lot of space for ganks and acquired solid advantage over DD. Until minute 15 both sides were mostly pushing, then our opponent took Roshan but didn't make any good use of it. However, a bad fight 10 minutes later leaves "sharks" with no important heroes alive and our base falls in minutes.

Next map Alohdance made a couple important kills on first minute, moves a lot with the team and increases the advantage with every minute. Good fight around Roshan, getting up enemy highground and Vega are saving their chances to go further. First 20 minutes on map three "sharks" had to deal with a stronger earlygame pick on opponent's side and watch teammates die a lot. But the courage wasn't lost and Vega turned the tide of the game and comes out victorious.

Vega Squadron [0:2] Virtus.pro

From the very first minutes it got clear - this is not going to be quiet. A lot of rotations and risky ganks increase the opponent's advantage and leaving Vega Squadron with little recovering opportunities. By the time "sharks" were ready to fight back "bears" already set up their defense and dodged every offensive moves. After such failures Vega had to accept defeat and move on.

Virtus.pro use the same strategy and provoke Vega Squadron to suicide into their defense. First 10 minutes we were looking at unfortunate ganks losing all the lanes along the way. Opponent focuses on midlane, no items or any farm results in the "GG" called after minute 20.

This evening, September 19th, "sharks" are playing against Team Spirit - Double Dimension winner at 21:00 CEST. The winner advances to the play-offs of PGL Open Bucharest qualifier. Follow Vega Squadron success here, on our official website, or in the social media found below: