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Vega Squadron lost their bo3 series against Team Liquid 19.05.2017 Author // sirVatum

First map picks:

Vega: Terrorblade (Alohadance), Mirana (G), Sand king (Afterlife), Tusk (CeMa), Warlock (Silent)

Liquid: Dazzle (KuroKy), Dark seer (Mind_control), Invoker (Miracle-), Slardar (gh), Faceless void (MATUMBAMAN)

Vega picked heroes that reminded one of the games againt Na'Vi. Back then "sharks" took advantage from first minutes, this time Liquid didn't let Vega take a head start. Game was even, early agression from "squadron" faced strong resistance and "horses" eventually took the lead. Vega tried to find farm around the map, but Liquid were not going to let the game go. A couple bad fights for our team and Vega had to call the GG.

Second map picks

Vega: Timbersaw (Alohadance), Shadow fiend (G), Omniknight (Afterlife), Slardar (CeMa), Crystal maiden (Silent)

Liquid: Tusk (KuroKy), Enigma (Mind_control), Outworld Devourer (Miracle-), Io (gh), Lone druid (MATUMBAMAN)

Next map beginning was under complete Liquid's domination. "Horses" supports concentrated around toplane and midlane and outplayed "sharks" in macro. The tempo was high and Vega had to catch up. They tried to strike back, even made a couple good kills, but Liquid regrouped as 5 and took what's theirs. On minute 20 "squadron" tried to go Roshan, but an awful fight happened shortly after the stone-headed giant had died and OD made a rampage. The outfarm was critical and Vega accepted their defeat in the series.